Location: Kuwait

    Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) was founded in 1960 to oversee the management and exploitation of Kuwait’s oil resources, which started to develop into Kuwait’s main source of income allowing the government to provide for the society’s welfare and finance its overall development. Domestically, KNPC is responsible for the sale and distribution of all petroleum products in the local market.

    KNPC has 47 filling stations all over Kuwait. A 5-year plan to build another 99 stations is already underway to respond to the growing demand for gasoline and other fuels. Diesel and various grades of Gasoline (Octane 91, 95 and 98) are supplied at the filling stations to cater to the various types of vehicles along with providing car washes, oil changes, and shopping at the station’s mini market.

    AEPCo. was part of a consultancy team who in 2018, conducted full energy audits for 15 different fueling stations around Kuwait and provided KNPC with designs for solar PV systems to cover the full energy demand of each station.